Art can be a vessel of meaning beyond words, without justification, but priceless. The mission of this site is to express the Andything, to tell you who I am. It has not been “monetized” yet. Though I have been making incredible objects for over forty years, making a career of art has eluded me. But you should know, this is my life. It is who I am. I seek with playful curiosity into the depths and heights of human experience. There is a broad psychological space within this refined ambiguity. You are invited into this space, to explore with these guides, to dance with the fluid expression, gender, age, ethnicity and culture of these sculptures. Welcome to Andything. 


Public Demonstration at Art Festival Troutdale, OR


Stuffie Head
Stuffed animals, steel, concrete 22x16x18 inches









































This is a practice of focused surrender, analogous to swimming in dark water.  I am like a scout exploring the boundaries, the liminal in between dimensions, sharing forms that desire to be.

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Above is a promotional card I made for a show at the Multnomah Arts Center, Portland, Oregon.

Below is a piece created at the International Sculpture Day 2017 event in Sellwood, Oregon.


























Sometimes the sculptures don’t want to be explained.

Other times it’s like a party in the sculpture studio.

This piece at the EndingBeginning was shown at the Newport Visual Arts Center on the Oregon coast. I have destroyed it since then, because this process includes with gratitude releasing existence.