Note to Self

Note to self:  Be true. Be, Belong. The self is in context with countless other selves, paying attention, feeling, living. Being is meaning within the web of connection. Meaning is being, a given.

Perception, judgement, and abstraction are filters of being, turning meaning into priority, scales of value, competition and colonization. Art as pure play and exploration circumvent the Capitalism, oppression and abuse rendered by our “Civilized” minds

Stretching meaning through metaphor in moderation, balancing dream, aspiration and simple plans for getting by. There are tears. Do we need to know how many eyes are there?

A call response, a website is a substance, enough to push like slabs of concrete. Here with the reference point of clay, a telling smear. There’s life there or almost life, a delivery of gravity, the grip of root and earth.

This is the ground. Feel it in substance, legs, limbs, warmth and well being.

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