During the event of the International Sculpture Conference, sponsored by SCULPTURE magazine, a brief gallery appears by the conference, holding 39 sculptures, a show called Making Space. And one of these, I made. Here my studio practice extends beyond public performance and technical demonstration into the realm of schmoozing.

That sculpture I’m contributing to Making Space is titled, Origin of Sacrifice. It was created/brought together in part at Makers Faire, a public event at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. By sculpting at events like this, I’m layering challenges, attempting to transmute my emotional life and practice of deep observation at the same time playing host to random viewers. The result typically enriches the art and my relationship to the people that involve themselves with me. The Origin of Sacrifice may be evidence of a higher calling to educate through both being and becoming, by teaching, sculpting and simply being myself.

About the title: Sacrifice is fundamental to our existence and coping with loss seems to contrive storytelling. I am interested in the original story the slipped from truth into lie. What motivated the lie could only be guessed, but that story began layers and layers of belief, delusion and art. Cheers!