mixed media

Andything features ceramic sculpture. Clay’s versatility and responsiveness has taught me to trust my intuition with any medium at hand. Wood, steel, concrete, stuffed animals, all these share qualities with clay then diverge to broaden the possibilities for intuition bordering on chaos. A nameless feeling or unspoken idea can find it’s analog in form when the material palette swims in a range of qualities: flexibility, durability, organic or cartoonish… Featured here as Mixed Media are examples of that intuitive extension into the raw possibility of our human condition.

Many of these Mixed Media works are obviously figurative, but some are more abstract and graphic. Hele-Shaw cells are shapes that form when viscous fluids collide, revealing their density and cohesive natures. Apart from being beautiful and hypnotic, these forms exemplify the analogy of give-and-take, grace of being. They are awesome and instructional, almost scary, but visually lyrical.